I’m rounding down my second week of the 21-Day Fix. Which means, the part I’m dreading is coming up…DOUBLES WEEK!


That’s right, I’ll have to double up on the workouts my final week. I’m not looking forward to this at all. But I’ve devised a schedule which will make it easier. I’m deviating slightly from the one they recommend. This way, I only have to wake up early a few days a week to do a workout. The system is going well for me so far. Despite not following the “containers” part of the diet, I’ve been eating all healthy and lost 3 pounds! It’s funny how much fuller I feel eating healthier foods, as opposed to Oreo’s and mac & cheese. I was thinking I would be STARVING all the time, but I’m not. Also, my skin is starting to clear up more. Not that I resembled a 17 year-old fry cook, but I definitely have some blemishes. 

While I’m not trying to get unhealthy skinny, I do want to get back to my regularly scheduled weight. Ever since I moved out a few years ago, my diet has gone from healthy-ish, to college freshmen living off Ramen and cupcakes. Thus my weight has creeped up quite a bit! I’m still not near my goal, which I probably won’t reach for another couple of months or so (cuz I’m doing this the safe way). Basically this is only the beginning! After doubles week, I’m going to start the program again and take it from there. WISH ME ALL THE LUCK AND RAMEN BROCCOLI!


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