I had a fun weekend. I had a “treat yo’ self” day on Saturday. I got my hair done, I went lighter again and got a cut! My hair was cut a bit shorter than I want, but it will grow back. Anyway, I also went to visit my BFF for some quality time together. There is a new luxury spa that  opened near her, so we went for pedicures. The pedicures were excellent! We’ll definitely consider going back there.


After our amazing pedicures and making friends with the manicurist, we had an awesome hibachi dinner. It was totally worth cheating on my diet for some hibachi. Besides, it’s  not like hibachi, is really THAT bad for you. I mean, they use a lot of soy sauce, and white rice. But they have veggies and fish as well.That is how I justified it. plus I’ve been doing surprisingly well with the diet. I’ve had a couple of hiccups, with things I thought were 21 Day Fix approved that aren’t. Oh well, I was expecting a bit of a learning curve. Especially since I’m  not used to eating healthy ALL THE TIME. Yikes! Anyway, wish me luck I’m only 2 days into doubles week. 


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