As much as I like StitchFix, their items run on the pricier side. I discovered a new company called Nadine West that is pretty similar! They give you 3-5 items that were picked for you by stylists after taking a profile quiz. A good thing about Nadine West, they do not charge a styling fee or shipping! So try on what you like, send back what you don’t and they will bill you for the kept items. The items are reasonably priced as well. Most items are between $15-$30 each, what a relief!

Anyway, this month I got a paisley tank top, cherry blossom necklace, and Aztec design earrings. I really liked the tank, but didn’t like the fit. I thought the neck and sleeves were too high, making it uncomfortable. The necklace is nice, but I have something similar. So I only kept the earrings from this shipment.


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