I don’t know how anyone can ever get sick of seeing NKOTB. Erin and I had an absolute blast at the show! Seeing Nelly brought back so many high school memories. We were really blown away by TLC’s set. They had a tribute to Lisa “Left-Eye” Lopes and said they would never replace her. It was a very touching tribute, and everyone lit up their phones, it was amazing!

2015-06-26 15.53.20

Is it getting hot in here, or is it just me?! haha! I took a million photos, but I gave myself only 5 minutes to create collages and deal with my selections. I think that is the best way for me to do it, snap decisions!

2015-06-26 15.54.28

I really want the holographic overalls T-Boz and Chilli wore, they were pretty snazzy. I’m so glad they toured with NKOTB, it was a great chance to finally see them in concert.

2015-06-26 15.55.29

As luck would have it, our part of floor section was right near where the New Kids enter and exit the stage. I tried to get video, but they were wearing boxing robes with hoods, so it was hard to see. The bouncers blocked the entrance of our row so we wouldn’t run up and touch them. DAMMIT! But hey, Donnie totally gave me a high five at the other concert I was at, so I can live with it. PLUS my friend and I met Jordan Knight years ago.

2015-06-26 15.56.16

There was loads of confetti and fireworks, which is fine with me. Erin and I had to pick a bunch of confetti from our hair and pockets after the show.

2015-06-26 15.57.18

One of my favorite parts of the concert was when Donnie had his son Elijah play drums during one of their songs. He did a fantastic job. Clearly inherited his dad’s musical talent. Speaking of inheriting musical talent, Joey Mac brought his son up on stage to sing. IT WAS THE MOST ADORABLE THING I’VE EVER SEEN! Then Donnie sang a song to his mom Alma, that was in the audience. She cried. Then he made out with Jenny (cue yucky face!). Oh man, it was such a fantastic show. I can’t wait to see them again.

2015-06-26 15.58.05


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