I had a great time with my family this weekend. We all went up to my brothers cottage on the beach. It was nice to spend a few days at the beach. One day it was a little too cold for the beach, but I didn’t care. I still dragged my chair down and read a book. Don’t let the bastards get you down, yo! 

2015-07-06 09.35.54

Went to see fireworks on the beach. We got there early and got a good spot that could hold all of us, but the big show didn’t start until 9:30. One of my nieces fell asleep by the time the show started. My other niece complained that there were “too many” fireworks. haha! I wish I could sleep through fireworks, that is a serious skill.

Thankfully the beach house was fairly close to the fireworks, we were able to walk. But it was a tricky walk with no sidewalks and people parked on the side of the roads. So it was fun to squeeze my family and a stroller on the crowded streets. It was definitely crazy trying to get back, but it was so much better than driving! 

2015-07-06 09.35.00

My nephews Cornholio impression. Don’t worry, they’ve never watched Bevis & Butthead.

Anyway, I called off my diet for the weekend. There was no point in trying, I wasn’t staying home so there wasn’t a way to really stick to it. I didn’t care anyway, it’s too tricky to diet when you’re not at home prepping your own meals. Plus HOLIDAY! 


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