Okay, so I don’t think what I did would actually qualify as “storming out”. I think I was on the calmer end of the spectrum. But anyway, last week I took some time off work to go for my annual physical eval at my doctors office. I usually do these “annual” physicals every two or three years. I thought I was being “pro-active” and “adult-y” by only waiting a year and a half to visit the doctor. I’m also one of those people that would need to have a severed lung before I’ll admit I need to see a doctor. Plus, I don’t want to use an entire day off for what should be a quick appointment. 

I procrastinate because who the hell has time to sit in a waiting area for over an hour for a 10 minute appointment? I’d rather be doing something more productive, like lounging on my couch. They should follow Olive Garden, give you those stupid beepery things to tell you when you can show up for your appointment. Normally I would  call the office beforehand, to see if I should bother showing up on time. But my doctors reception area is a complete and utter joke these days. Mostly because the place can’t function when the doctor’s wife isn’t running the desk. When I call, 9 times of out 10 I get an automated answering service. 

The part that kills me, after several attempts to reach a person to make an appointment, they told me to arrive a little early. I went against my better judgement and listened to them, despite using this doctor for over ten years now. I arrived a little early, there wasn’t a soul in sight at the front desk. The only people in the waiting room was a dude with a broken leg, and a 95 year old woman. I thought “score!” maybe my appointment won’t run super-late. I was anticipating about a half hour to forty minute wait, and my appointment itself to take less than 20 minutes. So I allotted an hour. 

After about 20 minutes, a woman finally gets to the front desk. Thank goodness, I thought I was going to have to talk to an automated answering service. They finally take in the broken-leg guy. At some point, my high school history teacher enters the waiting room (side bar: he hasn’t aged a bit in 13 years!). I debate talking to him, mostly because I was starting to get annoyed in the waiting room. We were getting really close to my 40 minute wait time I allotted in my head.

After sitting in the waiting room for almost 50 minutes, I asked the front desk lady how much longer the wait would be. She said at least thirty more minutes. DUH FUCK?! I need to wait in a room for an hour a half for a 15 minute appointment?!!!  I told her I was just here for a physical, just throw me on a scale, take my blood pressure, extract some blood, and I’ll be on my way! Hell, I’m willing to do most of these things on my own, if need be. Or I’d see an RN, I honestly didn’t care. I just wanted to get this whole ordeal over with.

The woman looked like a deer in the headlights over my suggestions. I told her I have to get back to work. I mean, something tells me the 95 year old lady that’s in the waiting area, doesn’t have a job to return to after this appointment. In fact, going to the doctor is probably the highlight of her life. Anyway, she said she was new and she didn’t know how to help me. I told her I have to go back to work, hoping she would call my bluff and (I dunno) TALK TO THE DOCTOR?! No dice.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to sound like an entitled asshole here, but they shouldn’t make people wait more than thirty minutes for a 15  minute appointment! Also, no disrespect to the 95 year old lady either. Lord knows she has probably been in that waiting room since the Eisenhower administration (I’ll bet she is still sitting there). But she probably doesn’t have an urgent game of canasta to get back to that morning.

I was a bit appalled by this. I was trying to be empathetic since this desk lady was new. But common sense would dictate, check with the doctor, or let the patient see an RN. I don’t even work in a doctors office, and that is exactly what I would do in that situation. Needless to say, when I got home I Googled a new doctor. Get this, when I called the office, THEY ACTUALLY ANSWERED THE PHONE!! Already off to a good start, despite the fact I have to wait over a month to see her. I don’t even care though, the fact they answer the phone speaks volumes already. 


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