2015-07-13 07.55.49

Andy and I decided to see the new Terminator movie over the weekend. We opted to see it at the SuperLux cinema so we could recline and enjoy premium treats during the movie. I actually liked the new movie. We accidentally saw the 3D version though! At least I was wearing contacts. Nothing worse than seeing a 3D movie and having to wear glasses over your glasses!

2015-07-13 07.57.12

Before the movie we went out for dinner and drinks near the theater. This was a good choice. My dinner was excellent and my sangria was DELICIOUS!They even had a watermelon and pineapple Popsicle in my drink, which I ate. I tried so hard not to guzzle my drink down. But it was so yummy I couldn’t resist.

We have some watermelon at home. Andy thinks it’s funny that I love watermelon, but hate all other types of melons. Anyway, we have way too much for both us to eat before it goes bad. So he is suggesting I make my own watermelon Popsicle sangria. He has a juicer. So all we need are some peaches and Sprite, and I will be drunk off sangria in no time! I don’t have a Popsicle mold though. But I do have a giant ice cube tray. Which reminds me, I need to invest in a Death Star ice mold ASAP.

2015-07-13 08.00.46

We got to the movie early, so I had time to chill out and put my feet up. They offer free popcorn, so I definitely took advantage of this! Overall, a very satisfactory weekend!


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