For the last 15 days I’ve been trying to quit a certain cosmetics DS company I’ve been a consultant for. I could never really get into it, but put off quitting for as long as I could. Cue to now, a year and a half later, and I finally decide to bite the bullet. The only problem, I couldn’t figure out HOW to go about quitting. 

First things first, I tried to reach out to my team leader for some input. I usually avoid this woman, because I find her annoying. I hate to say that, as she is very nice and helpful. But I still just find her unnerving. Maybe it’s because she has scraggly parrot-like voice? Or is always trying to corner me into going to a team gathering or meeting her for coffee. I’ve managed to politely decline these requests. Mostly because I don’t feel like driving to the meetings or get coffee with her. She doesn’t drive, so coffee would  involve me coming to her, which isn’t happening. She doesn’t live close by and no free coffee is worth the trouble.

Anyway, I’m getting off topic here. I figured the one time I actually reach out to HER, she’d be helpful. So I sent her a message apologizing and explaining that I wanted to quit and how to go about doing this. This was on July 1st. I wasn’t expecting a reply back until after the 4th of July holiday. July 8th rolls around and I still haven’t heard from her. So I reached back out again. Just to kill two birds with one stone here, I dug up the manager of the district contact info as well. I sent her a message that night, since 12 hours passed and I didn’t hear squawk from parrot-lady.

As of July 15th, I still haven’t heard from either, and the introduction email from our new DM specifically stated she would respond to emails within 24 hours. What a crock of bird-crap that is! Anyway, after July 10th I went into my dashboard and decided to log a ticket.

Someone replied to my message within a day, HALLELUJAH! But let’s not get too excited. His message stated to send back a message stating that I wanted to quit and why. BUT he didn’t specify if I reply to his message directly, or if I have to log another ticket to reply. I did both just to be safe, but I didn’t get a confirmation message when I logged another ticket.

Since their response time is supposed to be 24 hours (during business days), I logged ANOTHER ticket on the 13th. I figured my second ticket didn’t go through as I didn’t get a confirmation. Two BUSINESS days later, still no reply! I tried to dig through the site to find a phone number, but I don’t see one. I probably have one on an old statement somewhere. But at this point, I’m giving up. My account is supposed to be made inactive if I don’t place an order within 3 cycles and I’ve already missed one.


I was just trying to expedite the process by contacting the appropriate people. But apparently these people don’t want to help you quit. FINE, THIS ISN’T MCDONALD’S BURGER KING BUT YOU CAN HAVE IT YOUR WAY!


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