If you read my post about my frivolous attempts at quitting a certain DS company, it finally happened! After my last post, I ended up sending them 3 more support tickets. FINALLY some kindly woman named Diane helped me out. This was after I was sending numerous furious messages asking for someone to be a pro, and respond to peoples queries instead of ignoring them. 

I mean, I get maybe the support ticket option may not have been the correct avenue. I did not know any other way to get it done, since my team leader and friggin’ district manager couldn’t return a message.  But the online support team should have told me the correct contact method, instead of IGNORING ME! I’m just glad that is all over with and I didn’t have to wait to miss more ordering cycles for my account to automatically inactivate itself. Now I can have my life and wallet back, instead of bleeding out by being my own best customer. Ha!


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