Wegmans is a supermarket chain originating in the area of Rochester, NY. I’ve been to the original Wegmans while heading to a friends wedding a few years back. So I was very excited about the news when I heard they were opening locations in Massachusetts a couple years ago. The first one opened too far away for me to justify grocery shopping there. By the time I’d get my groceries home, my frozen items would be thawed. Plus when it first opened, it was absolute MADNESS! It’s like everyone was so excited for over-priced groceries, they willingly sat in traffic just to enter the damn parking lot. My brother lives near this location, and was one of those people that went opening weekend. He dragged my mom along as well. From what I hear, this location in Northborough is quite large and has the “food court” area the one in Rochester yields.

Finally, they decided to open a location near Boston. I avoided it at first, but Andy and I decided to check it out over the weekend. We didn’t need many groceries, especially since I’m the primary fruit eater and I’m leaving for Italy this week. (I assume Andy will live off of junk food while I’m globe-trotting.) So we thought it would be nice to grab a few over-priced things from Wegmans.

It’s a nice store, they have more of a specialty selection than a regular grocery store. But I honestly found it really hard to navigate. First of all, it was packed and people clearly have no clue how to operate a shopping cart OR park their cars! So I had to dodge people all around. I also found the layout really strange. It took me a good fifteen minutes to find hummus. The “food court” area is really small compared to the mother-ship. We also paid an astronomical amount of money for our sandwiches. I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised, I knew going into it the store wasn’t going to be cheap.

I’m willing to give the one in Northborough a try. My co-worker said it’s much larger than the one near me. It sounds like it’s closer to the original Wegmans. But I would only go if I happen to be in that area, and I’m looking for a quick bite to eat. Otherwise, I doubt I’ll make it out there.


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