Who has worse brows 1998 Jordana Brewster or Carla DeAvrilLavigne?! TRICK QUESTION! Answer is BOTH!

I don’t really know who Carla DeAvrilLavigne is, nor do I really care (as pictured above). I can’t even be bothered to find the correct spelling of her name. So forever on my blog she shall remain as Carla DeAvrilLavinge! Sorry, I’m old and uninterested in these new young/hip famous peoples. According to the interwebz, she seems to be some sort of model/actress or actress/model?

ANYWAY, her name isn’t really something I was shooting to discuss here. I get 1980’s caterpillar eyebrows are back again *shudder*. But don’t count on me to buy a toupee and glue it to my forehead anytime soon. I grew up with the affliction of having furry-ass eyebrows, when it was only cool to have pin-thin Gwen Stefani brows with bindi accessory. I’m sure there are people out there that “would kill” to have Carla DeAvrilLavinge brows.

I had nightmares I’d end up with 1998 Jordana Brewster eyebrows.So when my mother FINALLY lamented and let me get them waxed/tweezed, I TOOK CARE OF THAT SHIT! The mere thought of 1998 Jordana Brewster brows makes me break into a cold sweat. I have no idea if Jordana Brewster is still “famous” or not. Oh wait, a quick search yields she was in all 75 Fast & Furious movies (I’ve only seen the first two and that was over 10 years ago). It looks like she FINALLY got in touch with a good waxer and has less-scary eyebrows. YOU GO JORDANA, COCO!

But now my adolescent nightmares are returning! This Carla DeAvrilLavigne has the scariest eyebrows I’ve ever seen on a celebrity. I can’t even, dear diary! I JUST CAN’T! I hope Jordana Brewster can share her waxer with Carla, before it’s too late and they take over 90% of her face.


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