DAY ONE! (Euro trip) Pt. 1


This recap post is going to be short. Mostly because I didn’t do a lot my first day, aside from seeing relatives and shopping. Also, also, I’m really tired and don’t feel like blogging. Ha!

So we arrived in Italy and I didn’t sleep on the plane. I closed my eyes for an hour or two, but basically took advantage of the free movies and TV on the plane. I essentially spent 8 hours watching Broad City. I felt fine though. Once we landed, we grabbed some espressos, because ITALY!

The city my aunt lives in is about an hour outside Milano, nestled near the mountains. The view from the B&B was gorgeous, can’t beat mountain view with the pool. Amiright?! Anyway, we had a big family dinner that night and caught up with relatives. I also took a much needed nap before dinner. Otherwise I would have fallen asleep on a pillow of ravioli. My family drinks Beck’s beer, which I thought was odd considering it’s a German beer. But no matter! But you know the saying, when in Rome Milan, drink German beer!



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