THE WEDDING! (Euro trip Pt. 2)


This is going to be another short recap. We got up early to get ready for the wedding. We walked down to my aunt’s house in fancy dress to have pizza for breakfast. No joke! But there was loads of other food there too.  After, we headed to the church. It was honestly the best wedding I’ve ever been too. I’m so happy for my cousin. His wife is very kind and sweet!

Not only was it gorgeous with good food, I got to hang out with relatives I haven’t seen in a long time. I caught up with my French cousins, British cousins, Italian cousins, and Michigan cousins. I didn’t see any of my Canadian cousins, but I think most of them are my dad’s side of the family anyway.


The wedding was beautiful! It was the first time I got to throw rice. People also threw pasta because, ITALY!  I totally cringed when pasta was tossed on the Rolls Royce. I can be such a guy sometimes.


We had to drive about 30 minutes to the reception. It was at a really pretty restaurant. Appetizers were served in a tent. I laughed when I saw they were serving French fries and onion rings. There was loads of other food as well, more sophisticated. After the tent, we went inside for 10 MORE COURSES OF FOOD (because ITALY)!! The rain waited until we were all indoors to happen. It was the only day with crappy weather during my 10 day trip. The rest of the time it was extremely hot and also sunny.

ANYWAY, cue more food. Each course was excellent. We danced and sang family karaoke. Hell, I even danced the Marcarena for these people. Now that’s love right there.


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