2015-08-14 08.55.05

I forgot to blog yesterday. Anyway, one day we went hiking in the mountains. It was really pretty, but also very HOT. I also got bit by red ants when I sat on a wood bench. I survived though. I was also accosted with tons of mosquito bites on the trip. My legs looked like they had Rosacea or some shiz. But they look much better now. I probably don’t have Malaria. 

Anyway, the hike was beautiful! My cousin took his dog and he wandered around and always came back. I’m always in awe of dogs that can be off-leash. My dog is too psychotic to be off-leash. His Husky urge to take off will emerge and I’d probably never see him again. But I digress.

2015-08-14 08.58.58

Another time we took a train to Venice. It was a long train ride and we left early in the morning and didn’t return until after midnight but it was worth it! I took TONS of pictures in Venice, but I’m too lazy to  make a million collages. But we mostly walked around to the major sites, include St. Mark’s Square. We even went to a modern art museum and Doge’s Palace. My favorite thing was definitely Doge’s Palace. I was very impressed! He had a huge court yard, private church, and the ceilings in each room are more elaborate that the Sistine Chapel!

2015-08-14 09.01.09

I went to Venice once before when I was a kid. I remember there being THOUSANDS of pigeons in St. Mark’s Square. This time there were hardly any. They must have done some type of pigeon control or something. We did other things as well, but I mostly remember nearly sweating to death. There is a serious heat wave happening in Europe right now. Anyway, that’s it for now!


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