Since my last post, I completed my second round of the the 21 Day Fix. I didn’t end up at my goal weight because my stupid “monthly bill” threw a wrench into things. So I couldn’t get an accurate weight measurement. Then shortly after, I left for a trip to Italy. I knew going into it, attempting to diet would be a big fat, LOL! So I paused it during my trip and gained a few pounds, which I’ve lost since. But now I need to work on getting back to my goals. I’ve been really good about working out when I got back. The good news, my pants and tops are fitting much better (YAY, NO NEW PANTS!). Also a dress I bought that was too small, no longer requires Crisco and fishing line for me to wear. Not that it stopped me from wearing it before, haha!

I’m not attempting a 3rd round of the 21 Day Fix because I’m tired of the workouts. So I got a monthly membership to Workout Trainer app. There are hundreds of workouts on it, so I do a different one everyday. The best part, I can follow along on my tablet while watching the Housewives on TV. I have to be watching TV or something while I’m working out. It distracts me and forces me to keep on a truckin’. You can either stream video, video with timer cues only, or follow step-by-step instructions with pictures. This app is more my speed! I hated having to pop in DVD’s for 21DF. I’ve reached the point in my life where I can’t even be bothered to pop a DVD in anymore. I prefer to stream things.

Oh yeah, 21 Day Fix diet (a.k.a eating healthy) is going okay. I’ve relaxed my grip a little on it.  I usually reserve Saturday nights as my cheat meal. Plus I may toss a couple extra cheat meals into the mix, if I’m meeting friends for dinner. So I try to eat small healthy meals during the day to compensate. I knew the diet wouldn’t be a forever thing, but I stick to it most of the time. 


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