Continuing from my other post about going to a new doctor, my appointment finally came around. There wasn’t an almost 2 hour wait to see the doctor. So already we’re off to a good start. My new doctor is very nice (not that my other doctor wasn’t, I couldn’t deal with crazy waiting room times and nobody answering phones anymore). I got some blood work done while I was there, and going through medical history. I didn’t know specifically what things run in my family, only what part they effect. So that kind of made me feel like an idiot, but I’m sure doctors are used to that kind of thing. I do plan to follow up with my mom on those family medical issues.

Anyway, they made me get a tetanus shot while I was there. I specifically asked if this was the type of shot that made your arm hurt for days. They said it was no worse than a flu shot, and flu shots don’t usually bother me after. But that is not the case with this shot. I felt fine at first, but last night my ARM PIT. Yes, arm pit started to hurt. It was annoying me enough that I couldn’t fall back asleep so I had to take some Tylenol before returning to bed. It still hurts today, but I haven’t taken anything additional since last night.

I also may end up getting my constant allergy headaches looked at. But I’m going to try some basic things first, as I’d hate to go through the trouble of seeing a specialist when I can try changing up my allergy meds and adding in a decongestant to see if that helps things.


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