I had a fun weekend. We went to the beach and had a very relaxing time. I’m really sad today is the last day of August though. But my birthday is in a couple of weeks, so I’m not that mad. At least fall is my other favorite season (aside from summer). It just stinks fall has to go into the season that must not be named, ahem!


I love going to the beach because it means I can get pizza from my favorite place. It’s a cheat meal that is worth every last bite. Hopefully the weather will be nice my birthday weekend, then we can go to the beach again. Trying desperately to cling to the remnants of summer…while also dodging all the moving trucks. That’s right folks,  the worst day of the year (September 1st) is tomorrow. The dreaded day all the college assholes move back and ruin my life. Boo!!! Crap, that reminds me, I have to print out the damn college football schedule to basically avoid any human contact that day. WAIT, I can’t end this post on a down note. So,  long weekend is approaching, hooray!


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