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I’ve probably written about the time my friend and I met Jordan Knight and Rich Cronin, all at the same show. But it’s my blog and I can be repetitive if I want. Plus, I have a new twist on the story. So let’s dial back to 2006-ish. 22 year old Germana drinks PBR without irony, because it wasn’t cool to drink it back then. I actually don’t like PBR now, so I guess I’ll never be cool. OKAY, let me get back on topic instead of poking fun at my 22 year-old self and my beer choices. 


My friend and I were anxiously awaiting for Danny Wood to hit the stage, but he had an opener. We didn’t know who the opener was, but when he got off stage people approached him for pictures and to chat. We both shrugged our shoulders. Wondering if we should know who the mystery man is. Being snarky a-holes in our early twenties, Erin dared me to pretend to be a groupie and go ask him for a picture. The picture was for science, so we could figure out who he was later. So I did, and she snapped the picture for me. He was really nice about it! We never actually bothered to figure out who he was after, oopps! We got a bit distracted because we wound up getting pictures with Jordan Knight and Rich Cronin (R.I.P). OH MY GAWWWWWD!

So let’s switch it back to the present times. I went to Maine for my birthday with Andy. We wanted to grab food and drinks and not a lot of places are open in the small beach town after Labor Day. But we found a cool place by the water that served booze. I know the venue also does live music. When it comes to live music, I generally don’t have high expectations. But when Rob Benton took the stage, Andy and I were really impressed! There was something familiar about him. I knew I had seen him play before, but I couldn’t pin down when or where. Unfortunately, I didn’t figure it out until the next day. But since I was in Maine, I didn’t have access to my laptop at home to verify that Rob was the mystery man, I was dared to take a picture with many years ago.

I did end up finding the picture this morning and I sent it to him on his Facebook page. He thought it was really cool and explained why people were approaching him. I guess he had scored a record deal and people were congratulating him. He also was a contestant on America’s Got Talent, a few years back. I guess he is also a Vegas performer, and I’ve been going to Vegas every year for the last 5 years. Mystery solved!


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