My friends and I had tickets to see Kevin James over the weekend. We’ve been looking forward to this show for months! I still watch King of Queens reruns on TV all the time. But I was also looking forward to sushi! So we all met up at my place and took the bus to the restaurant in Brookline. It’s called FuGaKyu, and I promise I’m not swearing at you. We requested a tatami room, and they delivered!


These are not the giant people pictured in the 3rd photo, that I was referencing.

After dinner, we hopped on the T and made our way to the Wilbur theater. We got to the theater early and witnessed many people falling down the stairs in the balcony. It was a strange phenomenon, but it was an older crowd. The opener was funny and I totally don’t remember his name. But I remember wondering if we had really lucked out, and the four seats directly in front of us were for no-shows. But as my luck goes with venues, you know this can’t be true. Instead, there were four members of the Giant People Club in front us. At first only 3 had appeared. Two women were sporting giant buns, and because their hair wasn’t obnoxious enough, proceeding to text people throughout the show. I had the pleasure of being stuck behind a man that was the size of a wall, with a big ol’ noggin to match. But hey, I could actually still see, so good job Wilbur theater! If we had floor seats, I would have been fucked.

When there was only about 30 minutes left of the show, the fourth and final member of the Giant People Club made an appearance. Let me tell you, he was a really TALL dude! So everyone in the row had to get up to let him in, thus eclipsing our view for the next five minutes. It’s like, why bother even showing up at this point, you missed 80% of the show. But I digress. Aside from the GPC, with their obnoxious buns, their chattering throughout the show, and cheering every time Kevin made a cupcake reference, it was a good time. 

Pro Tip for theater goers: If there is a sign posted saying NOT to take pictures or record video during the show, at least have the decency to turn off the flash on your phone when trying to take stealthy photos. I was one of the theater rebels that took a photo during the show. Guess what?! I remembered to turn the flash off!


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