I finally met up with Ginny over the weekend. We opted for Mexican food. Actually, I let my stomach make the decision for us. I was craving some white wine sangria and nachos, which basically equals Sunset Bar & Grille.

It was a good night to catch up and stuff our faces. A couple of friends happened to walk in, and we invited them to our table. It was good to catch up with them as well. I ended up spending like $16 in Uber fare to get to Sunset though. The bus decided not to show up! I was cold, and standing there for 2.5 bus cycles before I was forced to Uber it. Thankfully it wasn’t one of those situations where the second it’s too late to cancel my ride, the bus shows up. At least it showed up on the way home!

I was making mean faces on the walk home from the bus stop, I wanted to keep a snarl on my face in case I encountered any annoying college kids. It was a lonely walk home, so I just looked like a weirdo snarling at myself.


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