I get people like to raise money/awareness for causes by holding charity 5K,8K,10k, whateverK, races. But do they really need to be held in a major city? OR GOD forbid, have people do the run on the sidewalks?! I knew there was some kind of run business being held yesterday, but nobody told me they would be blocking off streets that are off mine, so people have to make U-turns on a narrow street with traffic coming at you in both directions. THINK YOU COULD WARN PEOPLE NEXT TIME?! Also, could you maybe not schedule two different runs at the same time? I mean, most people have places to be and things to do. We can’t be stuck circling in an endless loop of closed streets!

My suggestion is to hold these events at a field, stadium, or your local treadmill. I don’t think we need to close off major city streets for people to walk around, especially when there are perfectly good sidewalks available. Better yet, let’s designate an island or under populated town to hold all these races! That way you don’t need to inconvenience people that are NOT involved with the event. No need to be selfish guys, let’s find a solution!

I’m posting this without irony. I’m complaining about running events when I’m actually going to one this week. But at least it’s at a stadium, so there aren’t any blocked off streets involved. See, guys? Some races know how to do things right!


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