Andy has been sick with a cold for a couple of weeks. He also has had shoulder pain, so he’s been sleeping in the other room. It’s lonely in our room, alone. But I’ve been managing.

I mean, how am I expected to sleep with nobody snoring in my ear?! I feel so empty when there is nobody around to accidentally slap me when I’m asleep. Yup, Andy has gently sleep slapped me when turning over in his sleep. We both have bed-sharing issues. He claims I take up most of the bed, but he sleeps like Jesus, with his arms straight out by his side.

Not gonna lie, it’s been nice to sleep without being slapped or snored on. But now I call us the Quaker couple. I mean, I have no idea how conservative some Quakers are, but I’m sure many of them are aloud to share a bed with their better half. Anyway, his cold is getting better. I am glad he spared me his illness though. I wouldn’t want to be sick for Vegas next week!


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