Jamie and I are doing the Color Run Night…tonight! We initially signed up for the Electric Run, but I guess they had to back out and the Color Run people took over. We’re going to the first ever Color Run Night for our area. I think it’s basically the same thing as the Electric Run, except they add in colorful glow powder. We did the Color Run once, and it was fun. Despite the fact it was an early Sunday morning and I was hungover from a Halloween party. We actually got off easy, and didn’t get too pelted with powder. One of our team members did though. I felt bad, she got nailed at a couple of the color stations.

This sounds really strange, but I’m actually kinda happy it’s gonna rain a little tomorrow night. I picked up some clear rain ponchos to wear during the run. We’re planning on having some beers after, and don’t want to be leaving a trail of colorful powders in our wake. I know it sorta defeats the purpose of the Color Run, but we really signed up for the Electric Run.

Anyway, I also got us some glow sticks, glow mustaches, and stickers. I plan to cover my yoga leggings and clear poncho with glow stickers. I’m also belting my poncho with glow in the dark shoe laces! As you can see, I went a little nuts with the glow accessories, but whatevs. I grew up during a time when dressing like a raver was in fashion, so I love me some glow products! Rocking glow in the dark knee socks with my light-up tutu are a must! I’m sure I’ll look like an alien with all my glow items under my clear poncho. But at least I’ll be very visible while running.  OH YESH, LET’S NOT FORGET MY AWESOME GLOW MANICURE!!



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