2015-10-05 13.06.32

Jamie and I did the Color Run Night on Friday. It was a lot of fun! The event was at Gillette Stadium and I arrived super early. I was early because I got out of work at 4, and didn’t see the point in driving north to go home. I didn’t pay attention to where they wanted to me to park, so I just went to area I usually go. This was a smart move, because even after looking at a map, I couldn’t figure out where the hell lot P1 was! I walked around for a bit and went shopping. There is lots to do there to pass time.

2015-10-05 13.07.35

Jamie got there a couple hours after me, but was still early. So she found a spot right next to me. This worked out because she had to change, and I wanted to go back to my car to drop off my Color Run Night shirt and un-used glow sticks. I also got us some clear ponchos because it was damp out.

Thankfully it didn’t really rain while we were running, but it was misty. We had lots of time to kill before our heat was up, so we grabbed some beer and nachos at Toby Keith’s. The bartender told us a lot of people were opting out of the race and just hanging at the bar to drink. I say NO THANKS to that! I mean, we already paid to race, and we were gonna do it!

2015-10-05 13.09.05

The race was fun, we got a good power walk going and I was no longer freezing once we hit the half way point. The ponchos saved us a little bit. They made us feel like sexy sandwiches. The only color station I got nailed at, was blue. I got blue all over the sleeve of my rain coat. But it washed right off. Other than that, we were unscathed. My favorite station was the glow bubble one, it was so awesome! I wish I got pictures, but it was hard to take pictures in low-lighting when your phone in a sandwich bag for safe keeping. So please enjoy my sandwich bag pictures!

After the race, we got our medals. There was a pretty epic dance party happening too! We also went back to Toby Keiths for some victory beer! I like that the Color Run give out medals now, makes the fact we power walked through the whole thing worth it. 


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