2015-10-06 13.11.24

I went to King Richard’s Faire over the weekend, it was a lot of fun! We were initially supposed to go Saturday, but they closed the fairgrounds due to bad weather. This kinda threw a wrench into my weekend plans. I had to pass up the chance to meet up with some blogger friends in town, plus a FREE TICKET to Blue Man Group. Life is hard, yo!

2015-10-06 13.12.38

Aside from that, the faire was awesome. Andy and I got there early, so I got my face painted since there wasn’t a line. I got a flamingo because I’m leaving for Vegas tomorrow. The artist liked this idea, she wants to start a “save the flamingos” campaign. I’m all for that! She also took a picture of the finished product for her portfolio. After that, we had some food. I got a really delicious turkey leg. It was huge though, so I didn’t come near finishing it. It was kinda funny to see a flamingo eat a turkey leg! We also watched the King’s Competition and some jousting. 

2015-10-06 13.14.19

After the competition, we met up with friends at the Jack the Whipper show. He put on a good performance, I was very impressed with his whipping abilities, despite the fact he couldn’t get his fire trick to work.

2015-10-06 13.15.56

I stuck around after the show to get a good seat for the tigers. The tiger show is the best show at the faire, I highly recommend it! This year another company was running it, so we didn’t get to see baby ligers. But they had some awesome big cats to show us.

2015-10-06 13.17.02


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