I just got back from a phenomenal trip to Vegas. Usually my seasonal allergies aren’t as bad there, so I was looking forward to a (sorta) break. No such luck. I forget how dry and dusty the air is. Instead of post nasal-drip and congestion, I was stuck with a dried out throat and sinus. Which only lead to me coughing a lot, instead of sneezing. Fun times!

I’m gonna try to do a few Vegas recap posts this week, but I don’t have time today. I got back late yesterday, and I was exhausted! I’m also working today. My company can’t make up their minds about giving us Columbus Day as a holiday. Personally, I think it’s a strange holiday to commemorate. But I also like having a day off, so I’d rather be sleeping. We used to have Columbus Day off up until 2 years ago. I just got the 2016 holiday schedule and they are adding it back on. Ugh, I wish they did this for 2015 so I could be in bed…or doing a crazy amount of laundry. Oh well, I’ll survive it and tell many of my bravery!


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