OKAY, now it’s time for part deux! We spent some time by the pool each day. We opted to hang out at the “family pool” instead of the 21+ party pool. I’ve never stayed at the family pool before, so it was a  nice change of pace. They had a good music selection, and since it was during the school year, not a lot of kids around. So I’ll call that a win!


After the pool, we got ready for an Elvis show! We grabbed dinner at Burgr, which is a Gordon Ramsay restaurant. I gotta say, my burger was excellent! After dinner, we got to see All Shook Up. Which is an Elvis impersonator show, and it was really good. We were very impressed with Travis Allen. 


After the show, we got to meet Elvis. He was very nice!


After the show, we wandered around for a bit then went on the High Roller. I gotta say, the High Roller was awesome! The night views are fantastic! I just wish it was longer than 30 minutes, I would have liked to have gone for an hour or so. I snapped LOADS of pictures. IS ANYONE SURPRISED?! Although, I didn’t take quite as many as I usually do, since this was my 6th rodeo.


I think on this trip, I got more souvenir pictures than I’ve ever gotten. Usually I don’t buy them, but we did so many things, and the pictures were awesome. So I figured, why not?



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