I was selected to try Proganix hair products. At first I tried the Quench system. It helps transform dry, parched hair into hydrated, silky perfection. It is a supercharged, lightweight blend, infused with coconut water, electrolytes and coconut oil. Let me tell you, it smells heavenly (if you like coconuts)! I loved using this line. I got to try the shampoo, conditioner, moisture balm, and leave-in moisture spray. I don’t have dried out hair, but I liked the results anyway. I think it would be a good line to use during the winter months, when your skin and scalp tend to get parched.
I also got this sweet goody basket in the mail last week. This time I got the Anti-Fade system. The system included shampoo, conditioner, and weightless argan oil. I have to say, this system is my favorite so far. Although all Proganix products are safe to use on color-treated hair, this one helps to prevent fading. It does this by offering UVA/UVB protection. It also smells AMAZING! I think my favorite thing is the argan oil though. I’ve used argan oil before, but it tends to make my hair look greasy. This formula doesn’t, and it really helps with frizz too.

Proganix products are very more moisturizing and conditioning. They use a higher concentration of natural aloe, which leaves hair feeling soft, beautiful, and silky to touch. They also do not use sulfates or parabens. Overall, I’m very satisfied with their line. Best of all, they are available at a variety of retailers!


DISCLAIMER: I was provided these complimentary for testing/reviewing purposes. All opinions are my own


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