Let me just Rantasaurus Rex here, for a minute. I really hate when people throw last-minute parties and “don’t get” how you already have plans on basically every Saturday. Birthdays generally don’t change dates (maybe people lie about the year, but the day itself stays put). So I don’t understand why people can’t plan IN ADVANCE?! If you want to throw something together for my mother’s birthday, let’s try making arrangements at least a month or two in advance. That way it’s not half-assed, and gives people time to align schedules.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my family and I love my parents. But I already got my mom a card and a gift (Read: I PLANNED IN ADVANCE!). I assumed we would get her a cake and some flowers and plan something for a SUNDAY. Which is the day of the week we all try to get together on, regardless. So my sibling sends a group message today asking if Sunday 11/1 works to do something for her birthday (at that point it would be a belated gathering), but I said it would.

Then all of a sudden, the day they initially suggested doesn’t work. It’s like why did you use that date to begin with?! So let’s just change to this Saturday, because you shouldn’t already have plans, right?! After more back and forth, I just said I’m out unless it’s some kind of lunch thing. I feel bad, but you can’t plan last-minute shit and expect everyone to stop, drop, and roll! I also told them I already got her a gift. My sibs are also awesome at buying expensive, last-minute gifts and expecting everyone to chip in for it. I put the Kibosh on that. Unless I’m given enough notice, don’t stiff me with essentially buying 2 gifts and a last-minute party to boot. Just to create a good example, I’m going to set a reminder for at least 30 days in advance next year. That way nobody can “spring” a party on me. 


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