I’m sure I posted pictures of my latest hair color choice before, but whatever. It’s my blog, I can be redundant if I want. Anyway, over the weekend, I got my hair re-pinked. I love it, she tried a couple things to make it EVEN MORE vibrant. I’m very happy with the results! 

This weekend kicks off a series of 3-4 Halloween parties. I’m saying 3-4 because not sure if we can go to the fourth, that is just a bit TOO much Halloween-ing for me. I changed my costume. I was going to be Gretchen Weiners, but I thought of something I like more. Maybe I’ll save Gretch for next year, if I don’t think of something else. I opted to change because the new costume involves beer, hip thrusting, and funny quotes. How could a gal resist?! Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to practice my quotes and being able to see with novelty sunglasses on. 


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