So I got what I needed for my Halloween costume. I knew when I picked it out, that I would get hit with “last-minute inspo”. I hate the term “inspo”, but I feel the need to use it for this post. So please forgive me my tresspasses! I was cruising Pinterest this morning, which I hardly ever do. I don’t really do “Pinterest”, but every so often I’ll log on and find something. Usually I log on to keep track of the all the Jamberry wraps I own, so I don’t get something I already have. This would also be useful with my shoes and wardrobe, but I don’t have the patience for that undertaking. Maybe I can hire a free intern to Pinterest my wardrobe for me. Any takers?

Moving on. I stumbled upon an amazing Halloween costume idea. Immediately I began to brainstorm how I could pull this off, and I figured out my game plan. I already own most of the things I would need. EXCEPT I would require a really large beach ball. In retrospect, a yoga ball would have sufficed, but those are more expensive. I found a website specifically dedicated to beach balls of all sizes, colors, and patterns. The catch? I don’t think it will arrive on time for party one of three. I’m not worried though, it’s not like I don’t already have a freaking costume.


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