2015-10-26 09.01.36

I was pleasantly surprised that my “emergency” beach ball arrived on Saturday before noon.  I kept checking the tracking info obsessively. It was a close call to see if it would arrive not only on Saturday, but  early enough that I could transform it. Andy was skeptical of my beach ball idea, but I knew I could make it work. Forgot to mention, I made a Death Star costume, in case you can’t tell from the pictures or not into Star Wars!

It took me most of the day on Saturday to measure out the ball, and figure out how many foam pieces to cut out. I had to use the maths, and some of my math was wrong. Not sure what I did wrong, but I made the circle too big for the opening. Thankfully I’m pretty good at eye-balling measurements, so I didn’t end up cutting the circle as big as I measured. it worked out though, I only made the opening part of the costume slightly too big, but wanted to allot extra space for leggings and a top underneath. I also stuffed a bunch of tissue paper to help keep it round. The costume isn’t actually done yet. But it was good enough for the party on Saturday. Andy and I also won “Best Couples Costume” award. I was the Death Star to his Emperor! I’m adding a few extra elements to my costume, and I need to stuff more tissue in there as well. But it should be all done for my next party, as long as I don’t accidentally set myself on fire!

2015-10-26 09.04.20

Anyway, the party itself was a lot of fun! Lots of people went, and the costumes were fantastic. We met a little Darth Vader, so the Emperor and I took a picture with him. Gotta get the whole evil crew together! After the party, we went to a local bar (Vader went to bed by then). Let me tell you, it is not fun to squeeze into a bar when you’re wearing a stuffed costume. I couldn’t really sit without squashing my costume either. I also had to take the bottom off when I used the bathroom. Don’t worry folks, I was wearing opaque, galaxy glow leggings down yonder. A lot of people kept approaching me to touch the costume, but I guess that is to be expected among the drunks. My favorite was a very drunk girl that asked me what I was. She had no clue what a Death Star is, but she proceeded to obsess over my costume for ten minutes. She even reached under the skirt to feel the stuffing, that was super awkward. I repeat, thank goodness I was wearing leggings. HAHAHAHA! 

In addition to crafting a Death Star in one afternoon, I also spent basically three days working on my pumpkin for a contest at work. I won last year, and I hope to at least place this year. I picked up my pumpkin on Friday and bought some supplies during my lunch break. I carved it and started painting when I got home on Friday. I also worked on it some more Saturday morning, while waiting for my beach ball to arrive. I finally finished it last night, and it involved sculpting things out of clay and gluing it to the pumpkin. The glue isn’t sticking as well as I’d hope, but it seems to be holding up after a few attempts. Lord knows what it will look like by the time I submit it tomorrow, but I’m bringing glue and double-sided tape. Hopefully I won’t need to do any repairs, but I need to be ready. I’ll post pictures tomorrow for the reveal. Wish me luck!


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