I’ve been in a fight with my insurance company over a charge they wanted me to pay for a doctors appointment. I guess my old doctors office, charged my insurance. This happened when I told the new woman in reception, I couldn’t wait over an hour and a half for a routine check up. I have to get back to work, so therefore can’t allot 2 hours for a routine appointment. Instead, I opted to change doctors. It was the last straw for me, as much as I liked my old doc. I couldn’t deal with never being able to reach a human on the phone, and insane waiting room waits. 

Cue to a little over a month ago when I got a bill in for the doctors visit. I was like, ABSOLUTELY NOT! So after a month or so of deliberations, they took my side and covered the excess charges. I’m glad I have a decent insurance provider. I had to fight them a little, but they saw things my way. 

They updated the vacation time policy at work. When I looked it over, I saw they updated the anniversary thresholds for the amount of vacation days earned. Since I was on the cusp of a threshold, I’m basically losing 3/4 of a vacation day. I told them about this, as they changed the policy last year as well, but the amount of years was different. It worked out that I lost 3/4 of a day this year. I decided to question it this time. I’m sure there are other people that are on the same boat, losing time since the anniversary years were changed. Thankfully, they saw the error and corrected it. Hooray, justice for all! 


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