I went to two Halloween parties this weekend. I had a lot of fun! The one on Friday was a big party at a bar that moved locations. We didn’t stay the whole night, as the bartenders were awful and the place was crazy packed.  Plus I was sick of people touching my costume. I value my personal space, yo! One girl actually reached under my Death Star skirt (again!!!). She was basically the same girl as last week that “just loved” my costume, without knowing what it is. She also suggested I enter it into some sort of vague contest.  I’m just really glad I didn’t ask if she was wearing a bird costume, since she was wearing a feather vest. Towards the end of our 20 minute convo, she mentioned she doesn’t wear costumes.  Anyway,  the only bartender I liked, was the one that dressed like Dexter. Highlight of the evening was when two girls walked in, with what looked like light-up penises on their heads. I think they were attempting to be unicorns, but they looked more like unitards. After that,  we went to our favorite watering hole and played pool.


Yesterday,  I went to my friend Fiona’s party. She did a fantastic job decorating! There was loads of fake spider webs, food, and skulls. We all had a great time!


There was also a costume contest!  Andy and I took home the best “couples costume” award. Although,  I will say it was an accident that we ended up as a couples costume.  I already have a list saved of costume ideas for next year,  none are a couples costume.  I’ll spare Andy that annoyance again.  My favorite costume idea so far,  involves loads of face paint.  But I already own the perfect shoes for it too! By the way,  Andy added lights to my costume,  aren’t they awesome?!



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