Remember in the 90’s, when all of a sudden people went on a “save $5 on a big screen TV at Walmart on Black Friday” frenzy to secure their child a Tickle Me Elmo for the holidays? The price of a $20 Elmo went into the hundreds and people were insane enough to pay for it! I actually never had a Tickle Me Elmo, but I do remember people losing their shit over him.

Ever since I spotted the interactive R2D2 in the Skymall catalog on my way home from Nashville, I wanted one. HE PLAYS TAG, DANCES, AND FOLLOWS YOUR COMMANDS! Also, he will carry your beer around for you. Clearly they kept the kids in mind with this one.


Anyway, this was (of course) before Skymall went the way of Buffalo Bill. I found it on Amazon for around $150, and that was much cheaper than Skymall (which is probably the reason they went under). But I never got around to buying it. [EDITORS NOTE: I guess Skymall was revived after another company bought them out.]

Cue to now. All of a sudden, the price has gone INSANELY high for said dancin’ R2. If I was iffy about paying $150 for it to begin with, I sure as fudge won’t pay $300-$400 for it now. So I need to find an email address for Amazon (LOL) and ask them if they plan to get more in stock. I’m (a new) hope(ing) if they flood the R2 market with more of my beer-toting friend, the prices will drop more dramatically than a Sally Field award acceptance speech. Wish me luck!


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