Ok not really, or yet anyway. I did a bunch of shopping recently, and stumbled on the perfect New Year’s outfit. The problem? I haven’t exactly figured out what I’m doing for NYE this year. I mean, I hardly ever know what I’m doing for the new year in November anyway. When I found the outfit, I promised myself I wouldn’t sweat the details until it was much closer to December 31st. But… now I’m sorta freaking out because I jumped the gun and got an outfit. Now the expectations have been set, and I don’t know if I can meet them when I don’t really know what is going on. Ugh, see what I mean?!

For the last four years or so, Andy and I have gone out with friends to see a band play. Andy and I are friends with the band, so we don’t mind spending New Years that way. But I’m kinda sick of the overcrowded bar scene. But I don’t know if I want to go to a house-party either. I wish there was a compromise, like a non-crowded bar that had room for all our friends, and no douchey college kids. Does such a paradise exist?! Doubtful. But I’ll keep my eyes peeled, just in case. 


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One response to “OMG, I’M TOTALLY BUGGIN’!

  1. STORY OF MY LIFEEEE hahaha. There never seems to the the *perfect* place for NYE or Halloween lol. I’ve jumped the gun many times on an outfit, but hey – wherever you end up, you’ll look fab! XO

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