2015-11-20 12.07.07

I met up with Andy and friends at Whiskey‘s last night.  I was supposed to take the express bus  but it never showed up [like I predicted]. Instead of seeking an alternate route, I just said fuck it and got an Uber. I was starving, and just wanted to get there already!


I ended up getting a delicious smokehouse salad. It had avocado, bacon, steak, and blue cheese. I loved it!

I met a guy named Gray there, who said that was his real name. He also said he is from Nantucket, and lives and works right next to the bar. I couldn’t tell if he was messing with us or not. He said he was 25, but barely looked 21. Not saying that’s BS, because I don’t really look my age either. But then when we mentioned we were heading to Brighton later, he said he lived there. So, wait, you live in Copley square, AND Brighton? Is one your vacation home?! Hmmm…I’m beginning to think your name isn’t really Gray, and you’re still in college there, bro!


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