2015-11-23 08.44.08

I had a really fun weekend! I’ve been looking forward to our fancy steak dinner at Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse. I actually like their steaks more than Capital Grille. Our next fancy steak dinner location will probably be Abe & Louie’s. We’ll likely save that for Valentine’s Day or something. Neither of us have tried Abe & Louie’s before, hopefully they won’t disappoint. I really love the location of Ruth’s Chris though. They took over the old city hall building, so each board room/office is a separate dining area, this time we were in a much larger dining room. I liked the larger room more, I felt like it was too quiet in the smaller room we had before.

2015-11-23 08.42.28

ANYWAY, Andy and I both ordered the New York Strip Steak. I got a salad and Andy got creamed spinach. Both dishes were excellent! I finished about 80% of my steak, but I just couldn’t finish the rest. Instead of taking it home, Andy scarfed down the remainder. I think next time I’ll stick with the filet, it’s a little smaller.

After dinner, we went out for more drinks at the King St. Tavern. There weren’t many people there (thankfully), so we had a chill evening. All in all, a great night. OH YEAH, I totally woke up at 5AM the following morning pouring sweat. That’s not my norm, unless it’s summer and I forgot to leave the A/C on. The only logical conclusion, I GOT THE MEAT SWEATS!



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