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I’m a bit of a phone-o-phobe. I really dislike talking on the phone. I know its unavoidable like getting stuck behind an old lady at the grocery store who can’t decide between various brands of prunes. But I really start to get annoyed if I have to be on the phone more than 5 minutes. With that in mind, I’ve been dodging a phone call for a week because I don’t want to be held hostage to a one-sided phone conversation that will take hours. My guilt has finally reached the level where I must succumb to the call-back. It makes me feel like an asshole really, because you shouldn’t dread calling your friend.

Let me explain, I have a long-distance friend who doesn’t like texting/emailing/social media-ing. But when I call her, I can’t get a word in edgewise. It makes me feel awful, especially now that she has a health issue. So I need to check-in to make sure she is doing fine. But, I also can’t bring myself to be held up on the phone for hours. I try to schedule these calls around something productive. I think I will be calling around my mandatory “Code of Conduct” online seminar. But it’s difficult to cut the conversation short [or even a reasonable length], when there is never a break in her conversation for me to sign off. I’ve tried calling at various times of the day, hoping this will lead to a shortened conversation. But nothing has worked so far. Basically my tactic, make sure I’m working in tandem on something else. This way, my busybody feels like it can accomplish something while being held captive to a phone. 


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