Sorry people, I gotta vent. The internet freaked out yesterday when an article was posted about the guy that voiced Arnold from “Hey Arnold”, surfaced. It shows how hot he became. Let me tell you, shiz like this makes me even more happy I’m NOT single! I honestly despise this hipster-lumberjack bullshit that has murdered men’s fashion. So needless to say, that’s a hard pass on “guy that voiced Arnold”.

Here is a PSA to men out there! Fashion beards don’t look good on many men, so you probably shouldn’t bother. I mean, if you had one prior to this hipster takeover, keep it. Please also shave off your molester-mustache while you’re at it, it’s f’ing creepy. Even if you had a molester-mustache prior to it being cool, it’s still creepy. You should also only wear glasses if you actually NEED them. Please stop wearing super skinny jeans, it makes you look like you clipped off your testies in the name of fashion. It ain’t cute. BUT, I guess cutting off your circulation beats the other end of the spectrum. Even worse when men wear pants down to their knees. I should also mention, I live next to hipsterville, USA, so my brain is overloaded with the different guys dressed EXACTLY the same. Thanks in advance for your cooperation. Together we can over throw this mind-numbing hipster regime! Side note, you can ignore this if you’re an actual lumberjack or man of the wilderness.

PS. In other news, they are releasing another Hey Arnold! movie and I’m really excited!



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