2015-12-01 11.32.38

Why hello there, blog! Sorry I’ve been neglecting you for almost a week. I was super busy during Thanksgiving break, taking advantage of the fact all the annoying college kids were GONE! It’s the little moments, ya know? I’m a bit tired though. I basically went out 5  nights in a row, my poor liver needs a break. Since I don’t really have any burning things to blog about, I’m going to do some recap posts. So we spent Thanksgiving Eve at Harry’s bar. We haven’t been there in a long time, so it was nice to go back. We met up with a bunch of friends there and had a good time. It was surprisingly not crowded, which was awesome!

2015-12-01 11.33.51

Anyway, Thanksgiving was at my brother’s house. There was about thirty of us at my brothers place and I showed up early to play with the PUPPY. Yup, I wanted to spend some quality time with my fur nephew before everyone else crowded him. He was a very good boy during Thanksgiving. Which was great, considering the quantity of people there.  We had two turkeys. My mom made a traditional one, and my brother decided to cook his on the grill. I only had the one from the grill, it was pretty good. No offense to my mom, I just wanted to try something different this time. Her turkey is very good, just so that is clear. Haha!

2015-12-01 11.33.51


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