2015-12-02 10.14.22

After turkey day, I did some online shopping on Black Friday. I got a bunch of new clothes and some gifts. That afternoon, I left to spend time with my BFF at light shrine. We haven’t gone in a while, so it was nice to check out the light shrine again. We were smarties and got there really early, so we got a decent parking spot and were able to walk around before it started to get extremely crowded. It’s a large area, but some spots are narrow to walk around, so there are some bottlenecks. We had a very good time, and we even snagged some fried dough. 

2015-12-02 10.17.00

The weather was perfect on Friday, pretty warm for November. So were were able to walk around the whole shrine without freezing. After the shrine, we grabbed some dinner and drinks. Since the shops were open late, we also actually went shopping on Black Friday. It was totally fine though, there was barely anyone in the stores, since most people do their shopping at 3am. That’s a hard pass on that, haha!

2015-12-02 10.15.59



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