2015-12-07 12.26.51

I would stab someone in the neck if I could just have a “lost weekend” in which I do absolutely nothing except binge watch something on Netflix or watch a bunch of random movies. But doesn’t look like that is going to happen any time soon. SO, until then, I will be shuffling off to parties every.fucking.weekend. I mean, I like parties and all, but the sheer quantity this month is pretty ridiculous. Anyway, I went to two parties on Saturday night. I wore my awesome Elfie Selfie sweater that I just got and love. I got lots of compliments and weird pickups while wearing it around town.


I started off at the annual tree lighting in my area. I’ve lived there for almost 4 years now, and haven’t bothered going until now. It was actually a lot of fun and I wish I had gone before. We all met at Kerry’s place and walked over. There were tons of people there, and some local tents were set up to give away hot chocolate, clementines, and candy canes. The mayor has an enchanted trolley parade and Santa showed up and took pictures. After the tree-lighting, we went back to Kerry’s for food and drinks. We had to leave early because I had a friends birthday party that same night as well.

2015-12-07 12.28.37

So Andy and I went out for Beth’s birthday party at King’s. I ordered a fried mac & cheese burger and IT.WAS.AWESOME! Seriously, I wish more places offered a burger like this. Maybe they do and I just don’t notice? Anyway, I did pretty decent on my first string of bowling, I came in second place. That is pretty amazing considering I’m pretty horrible at bowling. The second string, I came in second to last. Oh well, I was just happy not to be dead last!

Now I need to psych myself up for a week of four parties. At least they aren’t all on the same night!


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