2015-12-09 11.10.13

I went to my friends Taco Tuesday night. It was a lot of fun. I decided to walk there and brought along my Star Wars shopping bag so I could stick booze in it when I stopped at the liquor store along the way. I stored my tiny sombrero and Yankee Swap gift in there as well. The guy at the liquor store helped me remove my items from the shopping tote before putting beer and wine in it. He commented how cute the sombrero was, which made me laugh.

ANYWAY, Fiona did a great job with all the food and apps. The food was excellent, except I stuffed myself with chips and dip before the tacos. Oops, rookie mistake! After dinner we had a Yankee Swap. I ended up with my favorite kind of chocolates, so I kept my gift. I had a higher number, so not many people to fight the chocolates with. All in all, a fun night!



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