Please admire my reindeer LuLaRoe leggings

The great debate, are leggings pants? I say not really…unless you wear them with a long top or sweater. CYA is what I always say! For those that aren’t down with my lingo, CYA=Cover Yo’ Ass. A versatile saying that extends beyond the realm of wearing leggings as pants.

Anyway, I used to silently judge those that wore leggings as pants. But then I thought about it. As long as I CYA, I should be a-ok! Now I’ve exponentially expanded my already overly-expansive wardrobe (fashion addict problems). Plus, I’m comfortable as hell right now. I’ve already gotten loads of compliments on my reindeer leggings today, plus maybe a couple of side-eye glances. Haters be jealous because they aren’t as cozy as I am right now.


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