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For the sake of brevity, I’m going to combine the remainder of my weekend recap into ONE POST [to rule them all!]. Plus I want to make a post about the last Hunger Games movie, finally saw it! On Saturday, we went to Flatbread Pizza Co in Somerville. I’ve been there before, but this time it was for my brothers birthday bash. Loads of people showed up and we had 5 lanes reserved for bowling. We did not keep score, which is just as well. I’m not a fan of candle-pin bowling, and I’m quite the bad bowler anyway. The food was good [as always] and we had fun bowling, eating, and [most importantly] drinking!

2015-12-15 09.23.40

Chewy doesn’t understand that Jack is a dog, not a tiny toy! Jack was throwing some major shade at him, for sure.

The next day, we had a dog-day afternoon at my parents house. We each brought our dogs over to meet Chewy [my brothers new pup]. The only family dog that wasn’t there, was Rocky. I don’t think Rocky would have had a good time. He doesn’t like confrontation, or physical activity. So he probably would have gone off to take a nap in quiet corner.

Overall, the puppy meet and greet went well, with a couple of exceptions. Little Jack, didn’t like Chewy AT ALL. Poor Chewy had no idea what Jack was…is he cat, bunny, sea creature?! So he kept trying to paw at him in an attempt to figure out what he is, for science. Jack was having none of this experimentation, he was throwing some serious shade at Chewy. He was growling up a storm! Daisy also didn’t like Chewy, probably because he was getting all the attention and Daisy demands to be queen at all times.

Chewy got along with my Zorro, but he kept biting him with his razor-sharp puppy teeth. Zorro was nice and tried to play with him. Once we were done with puppy-interaction, I put Zorro in the pen area with Daisy. Daisy likes Zorro, but there is always a tense moment when they first meet. It’s like they have to remember that they like eachother or something. Then we had food and cake!


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