Asking for a friend! I finally saw the last Hunger Games movie. I liked this one the best, probably because it’s the conclusion. I do loathe when they split the last book into 2 movies. It’s very unnecessary and downright greedy. I read the books so long ago, I barely remember  the story line. Plus, I haven’t re-watched the movies in a long time, so I kinda went in with a blank slate. This is why I generally wait to read books that have a movie, until the it’s closer to premiere. Hell, I waited over 10 years to start reading Harry Potter. Then I borrowed all the movies from my friend and spent a few weeks watching them. 

While I liked the book and movie series, I’m generally not one to re-read a series when I have a pile of new books to read. But I kinda wish I did. I hate forgetting what the books were about and seeing the movies, it leaves a bit of confusion for me. But whatever. This was basically the last of the blockbuster book to movie series I have going on for a while. At least until they release the final movie for the the Divergent series. The last book, Allegiant, REALLY PISSED ME OFF. So I’m seriously considering not watching the last movie…even if it means depriving myself of dreamboat THEO JAMES. 


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