I’m super excited to see The Force Awakens tonight. I have high hopes that I will like the movie,  it has received some favorable reviews so far. I generally try to avoid going to a popular movie on the premiere date, but I do make occasional exceptions. But I mostly made the exception because we are going to a “lux” theater that has assigned seating, along with full food and drink menu. It’s really the best way to see a movie, especially one that is a blockbuster. I’ve been preparing myself all week by re-watching the original trilogy. Also, basically 90% of my Instagram posts are Star Wars related. It’s EVERYWHERE and I’m not complaining. 


When someone asks me what I want for Christmas

In other news, I just realized I don’t actually have a Christmas list. Not that I have an extensive one every year, but there is usually one or two “big ticket” items I have in mind. Last year it was a new tablet and phone [which I’m upgrading once the S7 arrives], this year it’s nothing. I mean, my laptop is getting pretty up there in age, so sometime next year  I’ll replace it. But it’s in fine working order, so there isn’t an urgent need to get a new one. Plus, I rely more on my phone and tablet these days. Andy is getting me some new ski pants though. Aside from that, I hope to get gift cards. 



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