Impatiently waiting photo in the theater lobby

I saw the Force Awakens last night. Since it was a late night Thursday showing, I didn’t see anyone in costume. Although, I did see a woman bring her Yoda doll into the theater. I did actually joke with Andy a couple days ago that I would give his ticket to my 16″ R2 plush doll. Then I could go with Date Time R2D2! Little did I know, someone would actually bring a doll with them. 


I actually did like the movie, but I’m not giving any hints here. I’m going to see it again though. My co-worker called me today because she wanted a spoiler. I gave it to her because I know she won’t see it anyway, she was curious about one aspect of it. So I figured, why not? I read this article, a few weeks back about R2-KT. I kept my eyes peeled in the movie, and I found her! She was only on screen for a few seconds though, fair warning.

Anyway, busy weekend ahead. I think I’m going out tonight, and I have an ugly sweater party tomorrow. I already bought an over-priced sweater. I now have my leggings and two head pieces to choose from. I’ll be sure to post pictures next week. Have a good weekend!






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