2015-12-21 10.46.02

My friend invited me over the weekend to a surprise Star Wars character meet n’ greet type of thing. She heard about it from her friend that built his own movie-replica R2D2 [SO JEALOUS!]. The event was at a movie theater, and wasn’t really advertised. I think it was meant to be a surprise for people going to see the movie. At first I thought it was just going to be some storm troopers and R2, but it morphed into so much more!

2015-12-21 10.47.46

We got there at a good time, in between people buying tickets, and before the movies got out. So we were able to get loads of pictures in with each character before things got busy. I was so excited, SO EXCITED! Turns out, a lot of the characters were the same as the ones from the Star Wars Night at Fenway Park. So it was cool to see them again. Plus I got better pictures this time, as I wasn’t dressed like a 10 year old boy. Instead, I dressed as a teenage fan girl, haha. We stuck around for a while, we people-watched as the showings got out. People were so happy! I’m pretty sure I would have lost my shit if I didn’t know the characters were going to be there. 

2015-12-21 10.49.24

I couldn’t decide between the glitter deer antlers or the tiny Santa hat!

Later on Saturday, I went to an ugly sweater party. I swear it’s not Christmas unless you attend at least one ugly sweater party! I got myself an awesome Festive Flamingo sweater that I over-paid for. [begin rant] It was $70, but I was like, nahhh! So I waited until Black Friday when it sorta went on sale, then I paired it with a coupon I found and free shipping. I still over-paid for it, but I saved $20.  I’m sure I’ll wear it again and it is a nice quality sweater. BUT WAIT! Then those bastards RAISED the price of the sweater to $80!!! WHAT THE FUDGE?! Moral of the story, don’t shop at Tipsy Elves. They are jerks! [/end rant] Next year I’ll just rely on Amazon. 

Sorry, got off topic there. The party was fun! I told everyone I was rocking a Festivus Flamingo sweater. They had no idea the flamingo was part of Festivus. I explained it wasn’t, but I’m trying to raise awareness. haha! Anyway, We played some beer pong, and I did pretty terrible. Beer pong is one of those things where I’m either awesome or completely horrible. This time I was terrible, but I can live with it. 





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  1. You would pee your pants at a Star Wars Celebration

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